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Whole School:

  • Half the students are gone this week as the upper graders participate in the annual End of Year Trip. Itinerary listed below if you’re curious what they’re up to! Photo above was taken at the Bonneville Dam with the giant sturgeon.
  • Jog-a-Thon donations due this week. Please see details in the email sent by PTO Treasurer Koli.
  • May 28th Parent Book Club, 8:30-9:30am. Join the discussion even if you haven’t read the book The Emotional Lives of Teenagers! Meet at Lake Creek Lodge.
  • May 31st Bike Rodeo: Please let us know if you will need a bike that day. We will make sure every student has bike to participate. Bike to School Day for Camp Sherman students!

From Ms. Steele: ssteele@blackbutte.k12.or.us

  • Bebop (2nd/3rd) Math: Bebop mathematicians continue to work on geometry concepts.  We are trying to keep it really hands on since we all struggle to stay focused at the end of the year.  AND don’t forget to keep working on those multiplication facts.  Tomorrow we will walk over to the community hall in the afternoon and do some baking.  Thanks PTO for contributing to the ingredients!
  • Hodag (4th-8th) Math: Hodag Students are gone this week on their end of year trip!
  • Health/PE Class: PE is pretty quiet with the Hodags gone, but last Thursday we all played a new game called “chuck the chicken”.  It involved a lot of running and so many different rules, I think it broke our brains!!   But all in all, it was really fun.

From Ms. Kassie: kdemarsh@blackbutte.k12.or.us

Today was fort day! This is a favorite day at BBS where students get to use desks and chairs in ways they have wanted to all year long. They create, build, rebuild and share ideas. A whole lot of learning happens during fort building too! Take a look at pictures.

  • K/1 Math class: In k-1 math we have been doing our end of the year diagnostic and some portfolio work. As we get to the end of the school year it is a wonderful time for students to look back and reflect on all their hard work and learning!
  • K-3 Science/Social Studies: In our weather and climate unit students made model houses of paper to figure out how to stop a roof from blowing off in a storm. This is part of the bigger science goal of learning how to use and make models. It pairs well with understanding why it is important to be able to predict weather.

From Mr. B: ebarrons@blackbutte.k12.or.us

  • Mr. B’s K/1 Literacy: K/1 Literacy is rehearsing poems, playing sight word bingo, reading a story about Otto and getting more time with percussive instruments!
  • Bebop Literacy: Bebop Literacy just completed their final i-Ready diagnostic and the results were top notch! They are currently writing an ode to summer.
  • Art Literacy: Working on incorporating musical elements into our recent poems.

From Mr. Sharp: dsharp@blackbutte.k12.or.us

  • End of Year Trip: Upper Grade students are experiencing hands-on learning this week as they travel on the Oregon History Road Trip, organized by Mr. Sharp and chaperoned by parents Jon Spurgeon, Gary Gray, Rachel Gonzalez, and Matt McCarty.
  • Itinerary:
    • May 20
      815am- Arrive at BBS, gear check, leave on bus
      AM- Drive to The Dalles
      Lunch- Sack lunch from home in The Dalles
      PM- Columbia Gorge Discovery Center
      Dinner- Cook ourselves at Grange Hall
      Evening Program- Outdoor games at Mr. Sharp’s family orchard
      Lodging- Rockford Grange in Hood River
    • May 21
      Wake up, Breakfast at Grange hall, pack for day including sack lunches
      AM- Bonneville Dam self guided tour
      Lunch- Sack lunch at the dam
      PM- White water rafting the White Salmon River with Wet Planet
      Dinner- Pietro’s Pizza in Hood River
      Evening Program- Explore downtown Hood River and get ice cream
      Lodging- Rockford Grange in Hood River
    • May 22
      Wake up, Breakfast at Grange hall, clean up and pack for day in Portland
      AM- Drive to Portland, Powell’s Books
      Lunch- Lunch out in downtown Portland
      PM- Washington Park and Rose Garden exploration in Portland, drive to coast
      Dinner- Take out in Seaside, OR
      Evening Program- Sunset walk at Ft. Stevens State Park
      Lodging- Camp Kiwanilong in Warrenton, OR
    • May 23
      Wake up, Breakfast at Camp Kiwanilong, clean up, pack lunches, leave for day in Astoria
      AM- Columbia River Maritime Museum, guided tour and class
      Lunch- Sack lunch on river front
      PM- Ft. Clatsop self guided tour
      Dinner- Restaurant in Astoria, OR
      Evening Program- Campfire at Camp Kiwanilong
      Lodging- Camp Kiwanilong in Warrenton, OR
    • May 24
      Wake up, Breakfast at Camp Kiwanilong, clean up cabins, leave for home by 9am
      AM- Drive toward Camp Sherman
      Lunch- Lunch out in Salem, OR
      PM- Drive back to Camp Sherman, arrive about 3pm at BBS
    Lower graders wave goodbye to the upper graders!
    Road Trip pit stop
    Lower graders take over the classroom with forts!
    Fort Building Day is a favorite day for the younger students
    Canoe ride at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center
    Evening games at the Sharp Family Orchard in Hood River
    Gavin helps Gary with the morning bus check

    Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

    Rafting the White Salmon - Boat 1
    Rafting the White Salmon - Boat 2
    Rafting the White Salmon - Boat 3
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