Hello Families,

WOW! What an incredibly jam-packed June it’s been!

In our final week of the 2023/24 school year, students were entirely off campus on field trips while staff were busy packing and cleaning the school. From graduation and community stewardship to outdoor field studies, pure summer fun (the Big Spray!) and even breaking ground whilst in swim suits, this week has been nothing short of exciting! Photo highlights below.

BBS wishes you and your family a safe & fun summer season! We will be in touch and look forward to seeing you around town.

Summer Events:

  • Summer Library Program¬†at Camp Sherman Community Hall:
    • June 25th 3-4pm: Stories and crafts for PreK-10 yrs
    • July 15th 3-4pm: Stories and crafts for PreK-10 yrs
  • BBS Summer Playdates – Meet old and new friends at the playground!
    • Monday July 8th 10:00am
    • Friday Aug 9th 2:00pm
  • Camp Sherman Community Hall 75th Gala Celebration
    • July 27th – Family fun, BBQ and Line Dancing

6/6 Spring Program - {SO}UNDS + W{OR}DS

Congrats on 8th Grade promotion to Cade & Paisley Ann (missing Brennan here).

Kindergarten Graduation for Evie, Kody, Everett and Kaenon!

6/7 Black Butte Swamp (upper grade field trip)

6/7 Trail Raking - all school Community Stewardship

6/10 High Desert Museum

6/11 Paulina Springs Books & Sisters Library

6/12 House on Metolius & Fish Hatchery

6/13 Blue Lake & Lovegren Family Playground

6/14 Last Day of School with Big Spray & Groundbreaking

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