Students experienced the future of BBS through the eyes of virtual reality! In February SAJ presented to both students and the community, sharing exciting virtual tours of the new school design. Keep reading below for more updates.

January 2024

SAJ met with BBS teachers and staff on January 24th to show options for finishes and gain input on design details.

February 2024

Griffin worked on site to investigate sewer and water systems, including measuring invert elevation.

Feb 13, 2024

Moments like this are what make our journey through the design process so rewarding. For us, education architecture isn’t just about bricks and mortar — it’s about creating spaces that inspire students, ignite imaginations, and empower young minds.
Jonah Jensen

Principal Architect

SAJ presented to students and shared virtual tours of the new school design, technical drawings, and talked about what it's like to have careers in architecture and interior design.

From SĀJ Architecture: Perspective is one of our core values and something we incorporate into all of our work. We took students on an immersive VR journey through their future learning environment and got to see the space through their eyes.

“I’m so tall!” exclaimed one elementary student upon entering the virtual space and seeing it from an adult’s higher physical perspective.

Feb 13, 2024

Students weigh in with their ideas for the new school! 🙂

Community Meeting #2

BBS hosted another Community Meeting and SAJ shared with the public exciting virtual tours of the new design. These videos are now available on our website (click below). Don’t miss your chance to fly through the new school – it’s quite a ride!

March 2024

The design team is working hard to bring design documents to completion for the bid date. March 27th is when the project will be ready for subcontractors to begin bidding.

Spring 2024

When BBS returns from Spring Break, staff will continue to purge, clean and sort the contents of the school, in preparation of emptying the building by early June. Plans are being made to deconstruct and remove the solarium in late Spring as well.

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