Beyond a robust educational program, Black Butte School offers students a variety of essential services including:

Special Education Services
Special education students at Black Butte School are fully integrated into general education classes. General education teachers have experience and training in teaching special education students. Additionally, they have access to a licensed Special Education teacher who helps manage their Individual Education Plans (as well as other special education plans) and other accommodations. The Jefferson County Education Service District also provides specialized student services including:  Psychological / Behavioral Services, Speech – Language and Audiology Services, Administrative / Support Service, Behavioral programs, and Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education Evaluations.
Counseling Services
Counseling Services range from character and emotional development classes for small groups of students, 1:1 counseling, crisis counseling, violence and bullying prevention, and a variety of other counseling services. Black Butte School also offers transition services for students entering Kindergarten and graduating 8th grade. We are pleased to have a counselor on our staff available to students. 
Transportation Services
Our transportation services meet the needs of students living in and outside of Camp Sherman. Our bus, purchased in 2016, is a state-of-the art bus equipped to drive safely in extreme weather conditions. The bus route currently serves students living in Camp Sherman and Sisters. Students living in Camp Sherman are able to ride the bus to Sisters in the afternoon to participate in after-school sports. Students are expected to be quiet and seated throughout the bus ride. 
Library Services
In the fall of 2017, Black Butte School dedicated the Toni Foster Memorial Library. The library is accessible to students, their families, staff, as well as Camp Sherman community members. The library houses a variety of books for children, young adults, as well as books interesting to adults too. There is also a "peace corner" where kids can voluntarily retreat to, to find peace from any big emotions they may be experiencing. A special book collection dedicated to Zoa Burdick, as well as a collection of antique "Legacy Books" that have lived at BBS for many decades is available for lending. Community library hours are Tuesdays 3-5PM when school is in session. Community members must bring in a piece of mail verifying their Camp Sherman address to receive a library card. 
High School Services
Although high school students who live in the Black Butte School district boundary typically attend Sisters High School, they have access to some specialized high school services at Black Butte School. These include tutoring help with the college admissions process, standardized testing classes, and help accessing local scholarship opportunities. Resident students are also encouraged to apply for funding for organized sports activities. 
Athletic Services
Black Butte School does not provide students with after-school athletic programs. However, it does provide funding for middle school students (grades 5th-8th) to participate in athletic programs sponsored by Sisters Middle School and/or Sisters Parks and Recreation District. For more information about this program click here