Black Butte School is proud of its history of volunteers helping to make the school a vibrant educational experience that is connected to our community. We welcome and seek out volunteers from our community. Volunteering in a school is a unique and exciting experience. It is a privilege for both the school and the volunteer. Volunteering promotes and maintains a supportive relationship with the students and staff. We can't thank our volunteers enough for being willing to be a supportive part of the Back Butte School education program!

Our volunteer program has two primary goals:

  • to establish a school and community partnership, and
  • to help provide the best education possible. 

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Complete a background check
  • Be prompt and dependable in attendance
  • Support and supplement instructional program. The volunteer's role is assistance, not replacement.
  • Understand and accept the students in terms of their own background and values.
  • Communicate regularly with staff.
  • Be willing to help, ask for directions, follow instructions, take training, and try a variety of approaches and techniques with students.
  • Practice professional ethics and confidentiality.
  • Notify the staff if a students confides in you about personal issues.
  • Know and observe all regulations of the school.
  • Remember that you are acting as a role model for the children.

To be a volunteer at Black Butte School you must:

  • Like children,
  • Be dependable,
  • Be flexible,
  • Have confidentiality, and 
  • Complete a background check prior to volunteering.

For more information about volunteering at Black Butte School, please view our volunteer packet