Summer Enrichment Resources

With over ten weeks away from school in the summer, it is important to keep kids engaged in academic learning when they are not in school. Reading, educational videos, family vacations, summer camps and programs, and a host of online resources are just some ways that kids can continue learning in their time off from school. Research shows that at worst kids can loose up to three months of academic growth. On the flip side, research shows that kids who engage in quality summer enrichment programs do not loose academic growth, and in many cases increase their learning

Black Butte School does not currently offer summer programming for students. However, below you will find links to resources and local programs that can keep your child's academic learning and physical fitness on track in the summer. One of the most effective and easiest things that you can do with your child in the summer is to keep up your daily routine of reading together. You can also engage your child in everyday math problems, such as adding up purchases when you are shopping, measuring ratios when cooking, using math to make fun projects, and calculating speeds and distances on summer trips. Incorporating learning into everything your family does together goes a long way in encouraging life-long learning and continuing academic growth. 


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