State Reports

The following reports are the most current available reports from the the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority.

Initial Plan for ESSER III Grant Funds

Adapted At-A-Glance School Profile for 2019-20 School Year

Academic Progress Report 2018-19 (please note this is the most current available data as of 8/30/21)




Division 22 Compliance Report

This annual report indicates BBS's compliance with ODE policies during the 2020-21 school year.


Immunization Rates (2020-2021 report)

How well-vaccinated is your child care, school, and co​unty?
Are you wondering how well-vaccinated the schools in your neighborhood are? How does your county compare to other counties? We aim for at least 95% of children to be immunized for community protection. When a very high percentage of children are vaccinated in a school or child care, this reduces the chance of spreading the disease among vulnerable individuals.

Click here for an interactive map of immunization rates across Oregon.