State Reports

The following reports are the most current available reports from the the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority.

ESSER III Grant Funds Update 7/26/2022

Initial Plan for ESSER III Grant Funds

Adapted At-A-Glance School Profile for 2019-20 School Year

Academic Progress Report 2018-19 (please note this is the most current available data as of 8/29/22)




Division 22 Compliance Report

This annual report indicates BBS's compliance with ODE policies during the 2021-22 school year.


Immunization Rates (2020-2021 report)

How well-vaccinated is your child care, school, and co​unty?
Are you wondering how well-vaccinated the schools in your neighborhood are? How does your county compare to other counties? We aim for at least 95% of children to be immunized for community protection. When a very high percentage of children are vaccinated in a school or child care, this reduces the chance of spreading the disease among vulnerable individuals.

Click here for an interactive map of immunization rates across Oregon.