Learning is an Adventure!

At Black Butte School we believe that a student's time in school should be an adventure. New stimulating experiences foster expanded understandings and long-term memories. Every year at our school is different, as students and staff embrace the unfamiliar and constantly strive to learn more, see more, and do more together. We find ways to make school exciting through our adventure-based programs. These include an all-school camp-out, regular field trips to local attractions, skiing at Hoodoo Ski Area in the winter, and lots of outdoor games and hikes around the local community. We take advantage of the amazing natural setting of our school whenever possible. Sometimes the adventure is spontaneous, like learning about lightning during a thunderstorm. Other times it is something the students work and plan for, like our end-of-the-year overnight trip. We help students to meet academic standards while taking advantage of opportunities for adventure and experience. Students can expect to be learning outdoors approximately 13 hours per week, adding up to 500 hours across the school year!