Distance Learning for All

Due to the Governor's order school buildings are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. In order to meet the educational needs of students, Black Butte School will be providing educational materials for all students to allow them to continue their progress through the remainder of the school year. We will provide a folder with materials that will be delivered to each family on every Monday morning until June 8, 2020. The folder will contain a weekly checklist to keep kids on track, as well as, school work to be completed each day. The school work in this folder should be completed by the student and returned to school by 3pm on Friday each week. Be aware that some of the work may require some adult supervision/support, especially for the younger students. The teaching staff will then review the work and issue a new set of school work for the following week. Expect an email to go out on Sunday each week with more specific directions for the week's work. 

In order to facilitate the connection between students and staff that is so essential to the school experience virtual daily morning meetings for all students are available on Zoom at 10am Monday-Friday. The teachers will rotate through leading these meetings so the students will get to interact with different staff members each day. The inviation to each meeting will be sent to the parent's and student emails (4th-8th graders). Everyone is invited to participate in these daily meetings to help keep us all connected!
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