Weekly Class Schedule

School Hours: 8:15AM - 3:00PM 

A typical day at Black Butte School begins at 8:15AM with an all-school morning meeting where students learn about interesting current events, each other, happenings at school, and how to be best prepared for the day ahead. Similarly, the school day ends, with a school clean up and closing, where students take time to reflect on their performance for the day, gather their belongings, and clean up the school before heading out the the bus. Book-ending the day with announcements and reflection helps students to stay engaged in school throughout the school day, as well as, when they return home. 

After morning meeting, lower grade students head to their math class with Mr. B, where they engage in creative projects, games, and individual math work designed to teach math, as well as, provide them with a positive relationship with the subject.  After recess and snack, they stay with Mr. B for language arts block, where they hone their reading and writing skills. Upper grade students start with Mr. Sharp's humanities class a combination of language arts and social studies. After the morning break, they go to math with Ms. Steele. Upper grade students also use the humanities time for journalism, an elective designed to teach writing skills, and yearbook, an elective designed to teach computer, graphic design, and storytelling skills. 

After a full lunch and recess period, all students participate in a half hour of silent reading. Then, lower and upper grade students separate into their field studies classes (lower grades with Ms. Steele and upper grades with Mr. Sharp) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays all students take an arts block with Mr. B or Ms. Sharp that rotates between visual arts, theater arts and music, as well as, a health/physical education block with Mr. Sharp. Students are dismissed at 3:00PM.

Almost every Friday, students are out on field expeditions, where they explore local educational attractions that are related to their field studies curriculum. In the winter, students participate in an eight week ski/snowboard program each Friday. In the spring, students participate in two weeks of swimming classes. During one of the last few weeks of school, upper graders go on the annual overnight trip